So here we will explain the second step and process of sod installation. After you have finish tilling the area and leveling the area. We highly recommend to install and lay down top soil. Typically 1 yard same as 27 cubit square feet is equivalent to a coverage of 1 pallet of sod. Kind of 20ft x 20ft x1inch. Topsoil contains compost and a mixture of bank sand. Providing nutrients and minerals to your existing soil. After laying down the topsoil, then you want to start laying down your new choice of sod. Make sure to start laying down at a pattern of rows. Install one row at a time. Then later come in a fill out the areas that weren’t cover. Finalize the sod installation by using a sod roller to make sure it scapes air bubbles and makes contact with the soil. It helps to compact down sod and level site.

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