After completing sod installation PLEASE keep up with maintenance. Immediately water the first day. Set the sprinkler system to water for 40 minutes each zone. After the first day for the next two weeks everyday set the sprinkler system at 15 minutes per zone. after the two weeks of watering. Set the sprinkler system to standard watering for every other 2 days at 10 minutes per zone. Always water early mornings or late afternoon. 5 am or 9pm. Watering during the day just evaporates and tends to deteriorate the grass. Finally, use a fertilizer that is specifically for the type of grass you might have. We recommend Lawnifi. They carry several different types of fertilizers. Grow, specifically for new sod installation. Maintain, typically for established sod. Recover, typically for established damage sod. Could be purchase on online . Check them out!

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