Preparing for your sod installation

Preparation is the first key to a successful healthy growing sod. There are many different forms on how to prepare your soil before laying sod. But we believe the information we are about to explain is the best method to prepare a site. First you want to mow down your old grass or weeds. Then you want to rake and bag all old grass and weeds. After mowing down the old grass, put the machine to work. “ Roto-Tiller”. We highly recommend a self-propelled Honda tiller. Homedepot rents them. Start tilling the area by directing the machine in rows. Try to overlap each row. That way the ground looses up fine and smooth. If you don’t overlapped, then the soil will just brake up into hard soil rocks. After completing the tilling service, start leveling and grading property with a manual rake to ensure proper drainage. Drag and level the dirt towards were you want the water to drain out properly. Remember no grass likes standing water as it tends to create fungus and many more diseases.

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